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Amber Wireman
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am getting into writing. My main novel has been put on hold. I am now working on a realistic fiction novel~

Hoping to find someone who can draw my characters and cover art for the novels. :)

I also make hair textures and sell 99% of them on IMVU. My avi name is iAmber. My textures are great many love them and they are much cheaper then most I charge 100 credits a texture in sets. I also take requests which are priced higher and are exclusive.

I will post some book stuff in my journal and maybe upload some freebie imvu hair textures. Maybe nail textures to :).

I have Pohlio by ShrubbyNerb
Katy Perry - E.T Icon2 by Agony-Whispers Not ashamed to be Christian by sugarpoultry Christian Stamp by Allendra3 Kuroshitsuji ~ Sebastian Michaelis ~ Stamp 1 by KiraiMirai
Madam Red Stamp by Shay-Sama STAMP: Madam Red by black-machinery Kuroshitsuji ~ Claude Faustus ~ OLD Stamp by KiraiMirai Sebastian from Black Butler stamp by Xiahism
Kuroshitsuji :Sebby: STAMP by falakalak Claudegasm stamp by Julesie Claude Stamp 5 by cakoir fairy tail stamp by HavickArt
Sebby and Claude stamp by Xiahism stamp: Grell is cute by Isi-Daddy Kuroshitsuji, Black Butler Season I Stamp by AiselnePN Hanna Stamp 1 by cakoir
Jessica Rabbit stamp by telimbo Sesshomaru Stamp by crezebart Kirara Stamp by KiRAWRa Stamp: Sesshomaru by ReiBogatu
Kitten Stamp by iiiiCrisp I love Black Cats by WishmasterAlchemist I love White Cats by WishmasterAlchemist Madame Red by clio-mokona
I love Kitties by WishmasterAlchemist I love Calicos by WishmasterAlchemist I love Ragdolls by WishmasterAlchemist Madame Red by clio-mokona
Sleepy Kitten Stamp by TwilightProwler I love Big Cats by WishmasterAlchemist I love Leopards by WishmasterAlchemist I love Animals by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Dogs by WishmasterAlchemist I love Cheetahs by WishmasterAlchemist I love Blue Morphos by WishmasterAlchemist I love Llamas by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Palominos by WishmasterAlchemist I love Dapple Grays by WishmasterAlchemist BOTDF stamp 2 by zombisu Blood On The Dance Floor Stamp by xDeadlyZombieSlayerx
Black Veil Brides Members GIF by ShatteredApocalypse Ronnie Radke Montague by winter-ame stamp: Jeffree Star by Cute-Sushi Emilie Autumn Stamp by EternalDemise
Emilie Autumn Stamp by EveElle : Emile Autumn : by DoctorMLoli ::Emilie Autumn Stamp 2:: by Semisweetstamps Tea Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Photoshop CS4 Stamp by Logicalx Raven Stamp by Hiddencrying I love Ravens by WishmasterAlchemist Christian Stamp by KathrynWhiteford
Anna Stamp 1 by AmberLynnL Fairy Tail Stamp: Loke by xStormyChaos :thumb320541359: :thumb274610095:
Cake ~ Stamp 3 by KiraiMirai :thumb467358848: Candy ~ Stamp 1 by KiraiMirai :thumb302840015:

Commission - Anna by foogie Commission - Charlotte by foogie Commission - Emilie West by foogie Commission - Eric by foogie Commission - Nami by foogie Commission - Amy Rosen by foogie
Commission - Amy Rosen 2 by foogie Commission - Amy Rosen 3 by foogie
..My intro gets a lot of veiws some i think are reads but no more comments v.v i need feedback people! XD
Would pay with PayPal
Want Oc commissions and book covers
anything else can be discussed

Drawing tablet
Nice Roses
Able to do metal objects
Need to be able to do fashion drawings


I got a cover for the novel i have an intro for in mind that has a red rose with a metal stem soo
I am thinking Foogie for the roses because i adore her roses
tho after paying for it to be used as a cover
I might want someone to edit it some
idk yet

Styles I like best since browsing on here...

Commission - Anna by foogie Foogiehas done my commissions so far ^.^ she is awesome


also love and wish i could commission them someday XD

Sweet scent by Enamorte  Enamorte

OC color series: Red by barn-swallow barn-swallow

[cm] Casselia by Axsens Axsens

Maddie Ziegler (Sia - Chandelier) by AyyaSap

Corpse Bride by marurenai marurenai

:: Vampire in the City :: by Sangrde Sangrde

winter deer prince speedpaint by sakimichan sakimichan

Sister of the Night by Selenada selenada

Kairi by serafleur serafleur
Empico Lady by daekazudaekazu

Poor Unfortunate souls by Elias-ChatzoudisDeath by Elias-ChatzoudisElis-Chatzoudis

Sebastian Michaelis by AmericanDorkHalloween Themed Ariel by AmericanDork
Commission - Burlesque dancer by AmericanDork AmericanDork

SKYSONG: World of Warcraft OC Commission by Eddy-ShinjukuEddy-Shinjuku
Marceline by ArtgermArtgerm
Raffle prize: Fumiko Lucile by ZenithOmocha

Xue by StormFedeRStormFedeR

Oops! by IsaiahStephens Jessica Rabbit by IsaiahStephens IsaiahStephens

Circe by GENZOMANWangulen by GENZOMAN

Tifa Portrait 01 by ZeronisChainsaw Mancer 01 by ZeronisZeronis

Final Fantasy VII - Tifa by PrincessElemmirielPrincessElemmiriel
Commission Belle Princess by MartaDeWinterMartaDeWinter
Commission - Ballgown by Art-by-NaschkatzeArt-By-Naschkatze
Z-Snap 000000000000000000000000000143-028 by JanjanitaHarleyQ by JanjanitaJanJanita
Winterspell by Inna-Vjuzhanina Inna-Vjuzhanina
Serah by ZolaidaEdea Lee by Zolaida
Strangers by ZolaidaGabriella by ZolaidaZolaida
Drizella portrait - commission by ViccolatteDrizella - commission by Viccolatte
Loh by ViccolatteViccolatte

BULMA pinup by AiorasSnow Queen by Aioras
Commission: Lizzy the bounty hunter by AiorasAioras

Desert Sorceress by SolaiceValeria, Voice of Vataros by SolaiceWater Rose by Solaice

Grell Sutcliff and Madam Red by K-KojiXena Warrior Princess: Resurrection by K-KojiK-koji

Emma Frost by ArtGutierrez Artgutierrez

Commission: Ellone by mckadesinsanitymckadesinsanity

The Puppetmistress by CandraLove Thy Enemy by CandraCandra

Yennefer The Witcher by Didi-EsmeraldaDidi-Esmeralda
C: Lady Kaienna by The-MoonboundC: Her other side by The-Moonbound
C: Virella by The-MoonboundThe-Moonbound
Forest Nymph by KceonCommission: Elf by KceonKceon

Dreamed Tango by Earlinwe Self-pity by Earlinwe Earlinwe

Commission: Lady Grace d'Audemer by tjotatjota

still more to add~

Demise Darling is the name the world, both online and not, know me as. It was my stage name for a very short time and then kept being used online. My non stage name is Amy Rosen. It was something else but I am still under a contract that destroyed the woman I was before I was pulled away from my old life. I will not dwell on the days leading up to the day I was taken away.

I was walking home from my aunt's house which is only a couple houses from where I lived. Then a black van pulled up coming to a sudden halt next to me and two men got out. Before I could react to what was happening one came up behind me and threw a black cloth sack over my head. The man, who I assumed, was the one who threw the sack over my head tied me as I heard the back door of the van being pulled open. There was a small thud as the hinges of the door had reached its maximum length it could be opened. One of the two men grabbed my by my arm and shoved me in the back of the van. The door slammed with a loud thud as it was pulled close and the tires screeched as they drove away. I gasped as I felt something small and sharp go into my arm, I could only imagine that it was a needle, My thoughts proved correct as I began to feel drowsy. Within moments my mouth felt like lead I couldn't even open it to yell for help. I slumped over as whatever they had given me began to take it's full effect. They last thing I thought of was the musty smell of the van as I drifted off into a deep sleep. When I woke up I wasn't in the van, I was on a bed with the sack still over my head. I started to cry and when I realized that I could move my mouth again I began to yell for help but it was to no avail. Nobody did anything, there was no one there to help.

“Should we take the bag off, of her head yet?”

“No, leave it on.”

“If you do not shut up I will gag you!”

One man left the room and I heard the other speak louder. I didn't hear anyone else talking so I figured he was on the phone.

“Hello Sir. We have the girl that Chris has been talking to online.”

I was taken because of someone who worked for Chris thought he had fallen in love with me. He was stressing because of the guy he cared about was very sick. They thought that bringing us together would make him feel better.

I spent four whole months being prepped to meet him. They were spent losing weight and getting my body started on birth control shots. Lots of shaving and waxing along with makeup artists and hair dressers. During all of this torment, I cried almost every day because I missed my mother. Being her only child, I knew she must have been a huge mess with me missing. The man who had me taken away sent someone to keep up my chores and to help my mother and grandma. She was a maid to them as well as a nurse. They told my family I was safe and told them they would see me again. My mother was still really stressed over me being taken away, but she couldn't do anything and neither could I.

The night they were going to introduce me to Chris, was the last time I was taken out of the small room that I had been kept in. The door opened and Mr. Federoff stood inside waiting for me. I got up from the bed and went to him. I stood in front of him and looked down at the floor like all the past times. He put his hand on my chin and lifted my head so that we made eye contact. His expression was blank and emotionless. His eyes were piercing, green and behind his glasses. It hurt me when they met mine. His hair was brown but looked black while in the dark room, saw it better as the lighting changed. He had never bothered to look me in the eyes before. He turned and led me out of the room to some people who got me ready. His walk was stiff and he mostly stayed silent.

They dressed me in a tight, short, black dress and had my hair dyed black and straightened. They took me to Chris's bedroom door and left me there. I knocked as they told me to. When he opened the door he was shocked to see me and didn't know who I was. I told him who I was and repeated something I said online months before. He gave me a strange look then slammed the door. I was hurt so I ran down the hall, past many rooms before I was in what seemed to be a very large living room. I sat down on the sofa and cried. It hurt very much, I did care about him and I thought he cared about me too but his actions said otherwise.

After a few minutes someone grabbed my arm and took me down a long dark hall then pulled me into a bed room. They left the room and locked the door. I was so scared I didn't know what to do if I yelled for help nobody would come. So I sat down on the bed and cried in fear. When I calmed down I heard voices outside of the door. So I got up and leaned on it to try to hear what they were saying. I heard Mr. Federoff talking to someone right outside of the door. Then I heard it unlock so I bolted back to the bed. He walked in to the room then closed and locked the door. It hit me then, I was in the bed room of the man who had me taken and ordered everything done to me after.

Commission - Amy Rosen by foogie

Commission - Amy Rosen 3 by foogie

Commission - Amy Rosen 2 by foogie

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